Tips / Guides

FREE downloadable basic tips and tutorials from our members - feel free to download whether a member or just passing through.

For information regards competition rules you can also see here

See the separate page for links to tuition image galleries

Non-technical, camera settings / shooting tips

The problem is that sometimes things are only really obvious once someone has pointed them out. ...more

Basic "rules" - composition

If you are a newbie then this could instantly improve your images

Basics - composition #2

A little more on traditional composition.

'Advanced' - capturing movement

Whether wishing to freeze a moment in time, or show the movement, the answer is your shutter speed.

Basic photography skills - reciprocity

reducing blurring of images caused by 'camera shake'

Exposure, Exposure Compensation and (briefly) Histogram

A simple guide to when and how to use Exposure Compensation

SHED! aka watch your backgrounds

It is so easy to not pay sufficient attention to background distractions. Or is it?


ND filters, why and how to use them


A very basic overview of when you might use graduated ND filters

Using "Smart Objects" and Layer Masks in RAW

Following on from recent 'guest presenter' Tony Dudley's visit, here is our simple guide to processing RAW images using Layer Masks

Simple ND exposure times chart

A better sharpening technique?

A simple, controllable way to apply sharpening.


Please feel free to download our 2017 KInver Fayre Q&A

Match an image rules

It's a comp Jim but not as we know it. ...more

Download our guide to resizing and naming your images for competition etc

See how to easily prepare images for digi competitions, our facebook page and website ...more

Constitution - updated 2017

Not the most exciting, or even interesting, of documents but clubs have to have one so here is ours, fresh off the press for 2017.